At Giles County Animal Hospital, our team of veterinarians are dedicated to providing the best animal health care to your family pet—whether your have a new pup or kitten or a senior pet. Our veterinarian’s top priority is always the health and wellbeing of your pet.

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Pet Wellness

Our veterinarians ensure that your pet is happy and healthy through all stages of life—from their initial appointments, to their regular senior visits.

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Pet Dentistry

Your pet’s oral hygiene is a key component of their overall health. Come see our veterinarians to maintain the quality of your pet’s life.

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Pet Surgery

Our veterinarians are trained to perform simple surgical procedures like spay and neuter surgery, as well as more complex soft-tissue surgeries.

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Pet Diagnostics

Our veterinarians are trained and have experience in using the latest tools to ensure that your pet is healthy from nose to tail!

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Pet Boarding

We understand that you cannot take your pet with you everywhere you go, even though you may really want to! This is why we offer all of our clients the option to board their cherished pets with us.

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Pet Grooming

We believe that regular grooming sessions can be your pet’s first line of defense against abnormalities like skin conditions, rashes and skin infections, lumps, itchiness, etc.

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Additional Services

Our veterinarians do everything they can to keep your pet ahead of common ailments. Additional services we offer include Pet Allergies, Laser Therapy, Pharmacy and Pet Food.